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Mattias Karlsson (SD) starts conservative think tank


Swedish Democrat Mattias Karlsson is to start a new, independent, conservative think tank. At the same time, he sees no problem with receiving money from SD if needed - and it raises suspicions with established think tanks in the country.

Mattias Karlsson has left the job as SD's group leader and devotes himself to what he is passionate about - ideology.

SVT Agenda accompanied him during the last planning meeting with the leadership of a new, conservative think tank that he himself built up. It is expected to start in a few weeks and the proposed name is Oikos. The word comes from ancient Greece and means something like home, family.

The leadership, or council of confidence as they are called, consists of several conservative thinkers, including abortion opponents.

Can envisage financial support from the party

According to Mattias Karlsson, the think tank should be party-political independent. At the same time, he does not see any problems with receiving money from SD if needed - as long as they are not conditional.

- In the same way, I would have no problem receiving money from the Christian Democratic Youth League, the Free Moderate Student Union or any other politically organized branch - as long as we in the mindset are free to do what we want.

Arena idea: "An extended arm of the party"

However, that Mattias Karlsson is a member of parliament and a central person within the SD, however, causes other, established thinkers, to raise suspicions about how independent it really will be.

- It is absolutely crucial that you dare to trust that people who should be in a freer role may also be freer. With such a top-ruled party as SD, it will be interesting to see if they can, "says Karin Svanborg-Sjövall, CEO of the market-liberal think tank Timbro, which is financed by the business community and calls itself party political independence.

Another think tank, Arena's idea, is funded by various unions and calls themselves leftist and party-political independent.

"If the funding comes from a political party, then the think tank is not much more than an extended arm from the political party," said Lisa Pelling, investigating director.

See more in the clip above. You can see the entire feature in tonight's Agenda at 21.15.

Source: svt

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