Yesterday, District District launched its Global Entrepreneur Program (Scale2Dubai), which enables startups and small companies to expand internationally by participating in its innovation system.

After its emergence from the Expo 2020 Dubai, District 2020 will be a mixed-use complex and innovation system that will directly contribute to the growth of Dubai's innovation-based economy.

The new program, which attracts companies from around the world, will be based on the platform provided by Expo 2020, and will carry the vision of this huge event for connecting minds from around the world, supporting diversity and innovation, and sharing knowledge to create lasting benefits for organizations.


The Scale2Dubai program will enable startups and international innovators to align their business with Dubai, by building on partnerships established after their country participated in the first international "Expo" exhibitions in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Winners of the program will gain a comfortable entry into Dubai within the "District 2020", including the support they need to expand and adapt in order to establish their feet in the UAE market.

The benefits they receive include a free two-year workspace, as well as business processing support, visas, and more. In addition, they will receive support from the excellent tangible and digital infrastructure in District 2020, from its strategic geographic location, and its ideal system of work and housing.

Innovation growth

(Scale2Dubai) is based on the vision of both Expo 2020 and District 2020 to enable innovation growth in various sectors by providing this startup and small company with the tools and environment they need for creativity and prosperity.

The District 2020 aims to create an innovation-based system by bringing companies together, large or small, from various sectors, and from different parts of the world, to collaborate and gain additional competitive advantages.

To achieve this ambition, the program focuses on attracting companies that are still in the early stages of their growth, and that work in the basic sectors of the future of Dubai and the innovation-based economy, in addition to companies working in the field of transitional technology that is necessary and necessary to achieve the goal of "District 2020".

Diversification of the economy

The emerging companies and the global innovators participating in the new program will contribute to diversifying the UAE economy, building a new generation of companies that provide jobs, stimulate creativity, and play their role as a platform to attract different talents, all of which are key components in the innovation environment provided by "District 2020".

This system will contain a diversified mix of tenants from different sectors of growth, including logistics and transportation, travel and tourism, construction and real estate, and education. District 2020 will also focus on attracting companies that develop technology capable of radically changing various sectors, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, and the Internet of Things.

Important station

"The launch of the new Scale2Dubai program is an important milestone in our journey towards creating a global community ready for the future led by innovation," said Marjan Faraidooni, CEO of Wings and Exhibitions at Expo 2020 Dubai. A true system of innovation, as it helps to fuel competition with more established companies, and attracts investment capital to this community. ”

She added that «the program will provide a platform for ambitious companies, through which they will reach new global markets».


In turn, Tala Al Ansari, director of the Scale2Dubai program at “District 2020” said, “The program is an amazing opportunity for global and emerging companies to achieve growth.” Their business in Dubai ».

It is noteworthy that the program (Scale2Dubai) began accepting applications for registration via the Internet, where applicants can register their interest through the website of "District 2020": (

The vision of "District 2020"

The vision of "District 2020" is to become a multi-use complex and innovation environment in the heart of Dubai, which directly contributes to the growth of the innovation economy, and attracting the largest emerging organizations and projects, and families to live and work with, under the slogan "the forum of communication, creativity and innovation".

After the six months, during which the Expo 2020 Dubai will be held, District 2020 will turn into a smart and sustainable global destination, to retain the spirit of the World Expo.

An encouraging environment

More than 80% of the environment built for the Expo 2020 will be re-employed for the benefit of District 2020, whose plans have been carefully crafted to take advantage of the maximum of the Expo site in the future, as District 2020 will create a business environment that directly encourages Progress within the basic sectors of growth.

Winners of the program will get a comfortable entry to Dubai within the "District 2020".