Paul Svensson, known from the TV program Maträddarna, among others, has tried to change the image of what is regarded as "fine" raw materials and at the same time reduce food waste.

Honorary doctor

Örebro University recently drew attention to his education efforts by appointing him honorary doctor.

"He is a committed advocate for sustainable enjoyment, that is, food that tastes exceptional while doing good for our health and our planet," the motivation read.

Food Often Serviced After "Best Before"

It was also the theme of his popular science lecture organized by Örebro University. Paul Svensson addresses, among other things, how the public sees the best date for food.

- It has had a nice purpose in the basics, but has had a negative effect where we almost become afraid of the food. If an egg has gone out, but is handled correctly, it may have several months left in the shelf life, he tells SVT News Örebro.