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The advertisement does not pass like a letter in the post. The Prime Minister informed Friday in an interview in Paris-Normandy that he will run as the top candidate for the municipal elections in Le Havre in March, but that he will stay in Matignon if he is elected.

"In a democracy, the foundation of legitimacy is election," he said to justify his approach. But this decision was rather badly received by his political opponents. EELV MEP Yannick Jadot said on Friday "deeply scandalous" that the Prime Minister is running for municipal elections in Le Havre as head of the list at a time when "the social situation is explosive".

The social context of the moment questions

"That a Prime Minister considers that he has something else to do than manage the files of France to become a candidate in a municipal election where he already says that he will not hold the office of mayor, I find that deeply scandalous ", he castigated Jadot on Europe 1." For me it is a form of resignation faced with the difficulties of the French and including a lack of deep respect vis-à-vis the inhabitants of Le Havre, because basically it says I am a candidate but I will not take care of you when I am elected, if I am elected, ”insisted the MEP.

At La France insoumise, the number two Adrien Quatennens retweeted the front page of Paris-Normandie, titling, with a photo of Edouard Philippe, "I am a candidate for Le Havre", the deputy accompanying him with this comment: "But first I'm farting your retreats ”.

But first I'm farting your #retraites! #EdouardPhilippe pic.twitter.com/Rbk3NpOE70

- Adrien Quatennens (@AQuatennens) January 31, 2020

Is he preparing for his exit from government?

In the PS, Senator Rachid Temal considered on Twitter that the Prime Minister was "already in the after-Macron" and that "that says a lot". The spokesman of the National Rally, Sébastien Chenu, did not go there with dead hands either: "It says a lot about the excitement of The Republic on the move who is afraid of not winning the town hall as their political staff n "is not at the level of these municipal elections, and which disguises Republicans - 110 communes of Republicans are buffered by The Republic on the march - or socialist elected officials as walkers", he criticized on France 2.

On Radio Classique, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the president of Debout la France, said that "perhaps" the Prime Minister "imagines not staying too long in Matignon".


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