In the Land of the Beatles, Adèle and Ed Sheeran, the music industry generates nearly 6 billion euros, including more than 3 billion in exports. Europe is the main market, but everything could change with the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

How will the music industry continue to sell its products? Artists and record labels are already worried about the effects of Brexit. For Field Music, a British rock band releasing a new album, the UK's exit from the European Union "will complicate our tours in Europe".

Memphie industries, the label of the group, fears the customs fees and the thousands of euros in visa as for the tours in the United States. The record company is already planning to relocate its main warehouse for records in Europe.

For the British music sector, which employs 19,000 people, the horizon is darkening. According to the UK music organization, which defends their interests with the government, "only 2% of people working in this industry think that Brexit will benefit them".

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