The Ministry of Health and Community Protection revealed the start of its implementation of the project to enable patients with major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression, and their involvement in the treatment plan. The project is based on cloud computing technology, in addition to a prediction system to protect patients.

The project, which the Ministry presented on its platform participating in the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference, held at the Dubai World Trade Center during the period from 27 to 30 January, aims to support patients and involve them in their treatment process by providing them with daily self-assessments and periodic clinical questionnaires, in addition to To collect real-time data on the patient's physical activity patterns, movement, sleep, and heartbeat, etc. through the patient's smartphone and connected devices that the patient wears.

The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry's Hospital Sector, Dr. Yusef Mohamed Al-Sarkal, emphasized that smart technologies based on predictive systems play a progressive role in providing the latest psychological services to depression patients, and the project (On My Way) comes within the framework of the Ministry's plans and programs to rehabilitate and support mental patients and integrate them into society In implementation of the goals of the national policy to promote mental health in the country, to ensure the rights of individuals suffering from mental illness, and to strengthen prevention and early detection programs for mental disorders.

The Ministry also announced its intention to launch the largest national program aimed at integrating mental health in all primary health care centers in the UAE.

The program includes the provision of community mental health services to reduce the risk of relapse and the social, psychological and occupational empowerment of the psychiatric patient, and deal with mental health disorders in primary health care centers, in addition to providing specialized psychiatric units, to deal with acute cases in all public hospitals.

The director of the primary health care centers administration in the ministry, Dr. Aisha Suhail, said: “The program aims to provide a mental health service in all primary health care centers in the country, provide community mental health services, qualify human cadres in the field of mental health, and strengthen prevention and detection programs Early psychiatric disorders.

Electronic bracelet

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection revealed that it intends to implement a smart electronic technology in Saqr Hospital, which works to link the electronic bracelet on the patient's wrist with smart phone devices to protect patients, in the event of any complications, such as the inability to breathe, or high pressure, and the transmission of data and alerts To the attending physician and the patient's family, in cooperation with Massimo, if drugs of an anesthetic nature are prescribed to treat the pain, depending on the health condition.

The "Opiod" smart system, which was revealed by the Ministry, aims to help the patient and his support network to act before a serious injury or damage occurs.

Program Goals

The Mental Health Integration program aims to prevent and combat the most prevalent mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, by adopting healthy lifestyles, providing early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, providing mental illness services, and promoting community awareness of mental health disorders, in addition to improving the skills of psychologists In dealing, detection of mental illness.