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Donald Trump presents his peace plan to Netanyahu and Gantz


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, today received in the White House the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the centrist leader Benny Gantz, in a meeting p

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The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has received today in the White House the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the centrist leader Benny Gantz, in a separate meeting that he wanted to take advantage of to present to them one of the main star proposals of his policy outside: a peace plan with the Palestinians that will be made public tomorrow and that is marking the electoral campaign of the March legislative elections in Israel.

"Tomorrow at noon we will present a plan, and it will be a very big plan that will be a suggestion for Israel and the Palestinians, in which everyone has been working and we will see if it grabs everyone's attention," Trump announced to television cameras when they first received Netanyahu in the White House before the meeting they held behind closed doors in the Oval Office.

The US president stressed that the so-called "agreement of the century" already has the backing of the prime minister and other parties and hoped that he will also finally receive support from the Palestinians. "It's the closest we've ever been, and we'll see what happens," said Trump, who predicted that in the end the Palestinians will want to sit down and negotiate because it's a "too good" proposal for them.

From the White House they trust that Benjamin Netanyahu is committed to implementing this agreement without further delay in the next six weeks. "I think he is here for a reason and hopefully so," said the US president on the prime minister, to whom he recalled that peace in the Middle East region has been "too many decades" pending.

For his part, the Prime Minister thanked the efforts that the Trump Administration is making. "It is an honor to be here and I am looking forward to tomorrow's history," said Netanyahu, who stressed that since his arrival at the White House in 2016, the alliance between the two countries is "stronger than ever," which has allowed, he said. "unprecedented" intelligence and security cooperation.

Trump's meeting with Gantz was somewhat decaffeinated and after the meeting they had at the Oval Office, Benny Gantz simply thanked the US president for his continued support of Israel. "President Trump, you are a true friend of the State of Israel and the Jewish people," the general wrote on his Twitter account, who will face Netanyahu in the March legislative.

Beyond the obvious implications of this proposal for the region, the agreement that will be presented on Tuesday by the White House also plays a very important role internally, since in the absence of only a few months for the November 3 elections in the Having to revalidate his mandate, Donald Trump continues to seek support and the vote of the influential Jewish community can be key.

One of the president's main advisors on this thorny issue is his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who was present at both meetings with Netanyahu and Gantz and who has been responsible for directing the negotiation of this proposal with which, according to his detractors, the only thing The aim is to permanently change the position of the United States on the eternal conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

It was Kushner, who a few days ago starred on the cover of Time magazine, the person behind the White House announcement last November to recognize for the first time the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, until then considered illegal by all previous administrations, in line with the theses of the international community and the solution contemplated by two states backed by the United Nations.

"Agreement of the century"

With broken contacts with the Palestinian National Authority since the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Trump's plan is very unlikely to resolve the conflict and among those who oppose these changes promoted by the United States in the region, they fear that this "agreement of the century" ends up becoming a proposal to legitimize the Israeli annexation of the West Bank.

Waiting to finally meet on Tuesday the political aspects of the peace proposal, since 2017 the White House has been working on a plan whose economic content has already been announced last summer and proposes the creation of a global fund estimated at about 50,000 millions of dollars, mainly to be paid by the Arab countries, to assist in the reconstruction and protection of Palestinian refugees.

A document that is known to have around half a hundred pages and little else, because it has hardly transcended information to the media about its content, especially about some of the most conflicting points, such as border resolution, the problem of refugees or security, and that threaten to derail any attempt to achieve peace that does not take into account the position of the Palestinians.

Precisely, the Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohamed Shtayé, expressed his frontal rejection of the so-called "agreement of the century" , denied having contacts with the White House to negotiate part of its content and appealed to the international community to reject without objection a a proposal that, he regretted, "contradicts the alphabet of international law and inalienable rights" of the Palestinian people.

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