• Bonaccini wins in Emilia Romagna. The Democratic Party stops Salvini. M5S collapse
  • Regionali, Salvini: "Well in Calabria, in Emilia Romagna The exchange is only postponed"


January 27, 2020 The Prime Minister's comment on the results of the regional elections, in the aftermath of the defeat of the League candidate in Emilia Romagna Lucia Borgonzoni, beaten by the outgoing president of the Democratic Party Stefano Bonaccini, translates into an attack directed against Matteo Salvini.

"Salvini comes out of the big loser from this competition"
"I have not changed my mind: I said that they are regional electoral appointments even if for charity we can also give them political meanings. There have been those who intended to make this election appointment, improperly, a referendum against or for the national government. I report to Salvini that the great loser of this competition comes out. The citizens understood it as a referendum on him, "says Giuseppe Conte to the reporters gathered outside Palazzo Chigi.

Salvini on the "unworthy and obscurantist" intercom
"It is unworthy to go around intercom by pointing to individual citizens. It reminds me of obscurantist practices of the past: it is a sign to the greaser that we cannot accept, let alone by those who made the Minister of the Interior for 15 months and had a great responsibility to prosecute those crimes and now he has a great responsibility as opposition leader. These are shortcuts that we cannot accept, "attacks the Prime Minister.

"Began descending parable of the League"
The League "has started a descending parable", underlines the Prime Minister, observing how Matteo Salvini's party in addition to the defeat of Borgonzoni in Emilia-Romagna has not reached the primacy even in Calabria.

"I hope for a broad progressive front against the right"
"The government perspective is broader: we must work to combat these rights. I hope that a broad progressive, reformist, alternative front to the right can be strengthened, where all forces can find their place despite having different sensibilities that want to lead a alternative policy to the right. I am a builder by definition ", says Giuseppe Conte.

"M5s does not cause any instability. Numbers in Parliament unchanged"
"No instability. The Movement in March will reach the General States which will come in handy to relaunch the enthusiasm and energy of the M5s. I will continue to have more and more friends of the Movement ready for government action," assures the Prime Minister.
And to those who ask him about possible tensions in the government after the defeat of the M5s he replies: "The numbers in Parliament are different" compared to the regional elections, an appointment to which it is improper to attribute national meanings ".

"Now 2023 agenda, just plant flags"
"I can't wait to meet the political forces, identify the priorities, a time schedule and an agenda to be defined in detail for 2023. We can no longer afford markings, to plant flags, people ask us for action," says Conte to reporters.

Prescription. "We will find the agreement"
"Tomorrow Minister Bonafede will illustrate the programmatic lines for justice. As regards the reform of the criminal trial, we are all working intensely to find a solution not so much of political mediation, because citizens do not ask us for this, a middle ground, which could be even a dirty thing from an efficiency point of view, they ask us for an efficient service ", explains the Prime Minister. "As part of this there will also be the rule dedicated to prescription. Rest assured that we will find an agreement."

Salvini: You work by country, not out of hatred for me
"I read that even today Mr. Conte spends time attacking me and saying that he must work to fight me and the right. I remind him that he must work for the good of the Italians, not because he hates someone. Those who live with anger and resentment live badly, poor thing. Chamomile for Giuseppi ". So replies to the premier the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini.