After 55 days, the initiative launched by the Abu Dhabi Police to reduce the value of traffic violations committed in the emirate, before 22 December last, expires by 50%, with the abolition of the vehicle reservation and black points penalty.

The Abu Dhabi Police announced last December the initiative to reduce traffic violations for a period of three months, ending on March 22, stating that the reduction excludes 28 types of violations mentioned in the schedule of serious violations, as well as what is being ruled or taken in relation to it by the traffic courts and their offices.

She called on drivers to take advantage of the decision to reduce violations, speed up their payment during the specified period, and settle their legal status, and that this would be a motivation for them to reduce traffic violations, and to adhere to the laws and regulations that take care of their rights and ensure their security and safety.

The initiative aims to delight customers by reducing the burden on them, assisting them in renewing their vehicle licenses, and limiting the accumulation of violations that they committed during the previous period, as well as reducing traffic violations that may affect road safety.

Abu Dhabi Police considered that the initiative motivates people not to commit other violations, in order to achieve the highest levels of security and safety on the roads.

Abu Dhabi Police also launched the Early Payment Traffic Violation Initiative, which began to be applied as of December 22, according to which traffic violations, the value of the vehicle reservation allowance and the delay fine (if any) are reduced by 35%, in the event of payment within 60 days of the date of the violation.

The initiative aims to delight customers, reduce their burdens, and help them renew their vehicle licenses.