It was the gates Ådalagatan 1 and 3 that were most severely damaged when Sweden's largest explosive charge exploded one summer day in June 2019. In one of the apartments, Sven Westlund has lived for almost six decades.

- The ignorance of where to live in the future, was actually stressful. You could lie down and fall asleep thinking: where should I sleep next? says Sven Westlund.

For Sven Westlund, there is nothing else that is home than the apartment on Ådalagatan 1. And every day he counts down until he can move back home, he says.

- But since I know this is temporary, it doesn't really matter to me. I know I will come home again, says Sven Westlund.

Earlier autumn 2020

However, the move may be delayed. Very early in late 2020.

Several blocks of residential buildings, businesses and even a pre-school were damaged by the blast bomb. 190 apartments were affected by either minor or major damage and during the first day 131 of these apartments had been evacuated.

- Housing became a crime scene and the police blocked off the area, but most of the residents were back after a few days, says Fredrik Törnqvist, CEO of the housing company Stångåstaden.

But 37 tenants, despite the fact that eight months have passed, have not yet been able to move home. The damage was so extensive that about ten apartments were totally destroyed when the explosive charge detonated.

- There are roofs, facades, balconies, windows and doors that need to be replaced as well as lots of groundwork that needs to be done. Stairwells were also damaged, elevators had to be replaced, and heating systems and water pipes were broken, says Fredrik Törnqvist.

Over SEK 70 million

About half of those still evacuated want to move back to Ådalagatan.

- Some may find it difficult to move back, but other reasons may also be that those who have been evacuated have been offered long-term solutions, says Fredrik Törnqvist. Repairs on Ådalagatan 1 and 3 are estimated to cost about SEK 65 million. The other damage to the other houses is expected to be around SEK 11 million. But there are no costs that will affect tenants, according to Stångåstaden.

According to the Police, the Linköping explosion is the largest so far against a civilian target. Like the amount of explosives used.