Disneyland in Hong Kong, in 2011. The park closes its doors from this Sunday. - AFP


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  • Appeared at the beginning of December on a market in Wuhan, the coronavirus has already killed 56 people and nearly 2,000 infected people in China.
  • The country has taken measures to limit travel, in the middle of a New Year's game, a period of leave that the Chinese take advantage of to travel from one end of their country to the other.
  • France does not rule out the possible spread of coronavirus infection after the identification of three cases in travelers recently returned from China, the "first European cases".




Coronavirus: How is France organizing to prevent the spread of the epidemic?


Coronavirus: First suspected case in Canada

5:30 am: Hello everyone, and welcome to this live to follow the situation this Sunday regarding the coronavirus. Small summary of the latest developments:


  • The toll of the viral pneumonia epidemic has risen to 56 dead and nearly 2,000 people infected in China , authorities said on Sunday. The epidemic has notably killed one man in Shanghai . As of Monday, Chinese travel agencies will no longer be able to sell hotel reservations or group stays. After Beijing, Tianjin, a Chinese city of 15 million inhabitants, will suspend long-distance bus connections in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus.


  • Three cases positive for Chinese coronavirus were confirmed in France on Friday, the first in Europe. "You have to treat an epidemic like you treat a fire, " that is to say, "circumscribe it as quickly as possible," explained Minister of Health Agn├Ęs Buzyn. The detailed point on the situation here.
  • A reception medical team will be set up on Sunday at Roissy airport to provide care for people who show symptoms of a coronavirus infection.


  • Canada has announced the presence of a suspect case on its territory.
  • The United States announced on Sunday that it is organizing the evacuation of its diplomatic personnel and other American nationals stranded in Wuhan, by a direct flight Wuhan - San Francisco which should leave on Tuesday.
  • Disneyland closes in Hong Kong as of Sunday and until further notice. A decision taken the day after the classification in maximum health alert of the megalopolis.

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