"Full fingers": Street food version chef three stars, we tested the ramen "franchouillards" of Guy Savoy - 20 Minutes

Ramen is a passion, for Guy Savoy. Triple Michelin-starred chef and number 1 worldwide in the La List ranking, he enjoys it as soon as he can, during his Asian journeys. To the point of setting up, in the heart of Paris, in place of the old Bouquinistes, at 53 quai des Grands Augustins, a restaurant specializing in noodle soup: Supu Ramen.

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13:41 live from @supuramenguysavoy, the Ramen # 🍜 revisited by @guysavoy, in an art environment by @fabricehyber! #ramen #ramenbowl #ramenparis #guysavoy

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"It's not the ramen academy," he warns. I wanted to make a ramen that is, forgive me the expression, franchouillardisé ”. With a long cooked and perfectly degreased broth, and full of little manufacturing secrets.

Homemade noodles and well-sourced products

Starting with the noodles, homemade, from a mixture of wheat and buckwheat flours. Because Stéphane Perraud, second to Guy Savoy and executive chef of Supu Ramen, is Breton. His pork is from the Ile-de-France region, his charcuterie comes from Lyon, the miso condiment contains Meaux mustard, the vegetables are fresh like dew and did not have to travel much… In short, there is only shiitake mushrooms which bring us back to Japan.

And yet ... it's very good. The broth is very tasty, well-bodied to counterbalance the boldness of the pork belly and the sabaudet of Lyon, this sausage of head and rind of pig ... The noodles, cut to a good diameter to stay al dente after forty seconds in boiling water, allow to be vacuumed - or slurped - as it should be. In winter, it is a real good comforting dish. From 13.80 to 17.80 euros depending on the ingredients: fish, chicken, pork, beef, vegetables… In the evening, it happens that a lobster falls into the pot and in this case, the addition suffers, but the rest of the time, you can get on the map and get away with it.

Starter, main course and dessert for less than 30 euros

Even if Guy Savoy, who knows like no other the art of (good) hospitality, has planned some nice little surprises to accompany his ramen. Delicates as it should be (from 5.80 to 10.80 euros) and "half-desserts" (4.80 euros) inspired by creations, in reduced models, that the chef serves in his gourmet restaurant. "I've always found it a shame that no dessert is ever served in ramen restaurants," sighs Guy Savoy.

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If you are a fan of Japanese ramen and love French cuisine, SUPU RAMEN is The Place to go when in Paris. Food is absolutely delicious (organic!) And the decor is so artsy! By Guy Savoy !! Ps: For those who are not familiar Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup. . 🇫🇷 Keep Calm and Ramen ta Fraise at @supuramenguysavoy 🍜! If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine this is The Place to be! You can taste ramen (made with traditional wheat noodles) designed and imagined by Chef Guy Savoy and his teams. A perfect marriage between Japanese cuisine and French culture. Can't wait to go back already! . Nice evening to All 💋💋. #NORAMENNOLIFE #mercipourladresse #sortiraparis # ら め ん #guysavoy #paris # パ リ #parisjetaime #doitinparis #seemyparis # париж # париж # парис #vivreparis #parislovers #searchwandercollect #visitparis #mylittle #mitishmiretismiretismiretismiretismilittle #mistar livethelittlethings # shotoniphone8plus

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And what about the place, except that it is magically located facing the Seine, valiantly decorated with a neon green lacquer on the floor by the artist Fabrice Hyber and embellished with numerous counters that allow you to eat without queuing. If it is better to book in the evening (at, it is useless for lunch: there is always room and the service operates continuously, seven days a week, from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. weekend).


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