Monique Olivier (here in 2008) contradicted the alibi that Michel Fourniret had on the day of Estelle Mouzin's disappearance. - FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI / AFP

This Friday, Monique Olivier hinted that her ex-husband Michel Fourniret was behind the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin, learned 20 Minutes from a source familiar with the matter. According to our information, she delivered to judge Sabine Khéris several elements suggesting that he is responsible for the disappearance of the 9-year-old girl, in January 2003, in Seine-et-Marne.

“Monique Olivier lived for twenty years with Michel Fourniret. When she says that she thinks that Michel Fourniret has something to do with a disappearance, it means that Michel Fourniret has something to do with this disappearance, ”says the same source.

Contacted by 20 Minutes , Eric Mouzin, the girl's father, did not wish to react. According to concordant sources, Michel Fourniret should be heard very soon by judge Sabine Kheiri.

A phonecall

The "ogre of the Ardennes", already sentenced to life for the murders of eight young women or adolescent girls, has always denied any involvement in the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin, explaining that he was that day at his home in Sart-Custinne, in Belgium. As an alibi, the serial killer invoked a telephone call made to his son on the evening of the events for his birthday. The latter had not answered the call, but the call had been certified by telephone records.

But before the judge, Monique Olivier said that she made the call herself at the request of her ex-husband, who was not at his home in Sart-Custinne on the day of Estelle Mouzin's disappearance. Heard on November 27 by Sabine Khéris, who recovered the investigation initially conducted in Meaux, Michel Fourniret was indicted for "kidnapping and forcible confinement followed by death".

Supply remains vague

During this hearing, Michel Fourniret did not, however, formally confess, according to one of the lawyers for the girl's father, Me Didier Seban. The septuagenarian was vague: "At the age I am, I have nothing to fear or lose. If this little girl had crossed my path, I would tell you (…) but I don't remember it, ”he said.

"In the impossibility where I am to tell you if I am responsible for his disappearance (...), I urge you to consider me as guilty, to treat me as guilty," he added, however. According to the Parisian , five detainees from Rennes prison (Ille-et-Vilaine), interviewed by investigators in December 2018, said they heard Monique Olivier "incriminate her ex-husband in the disappearance of Estelle".


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