- It is professional criminals, ie serious criminals who have lifestyle crimes, who commit this type of crime. They have no regard for the fact that their crimes can harm innocent people, it is not what they think of at all, she tells SVT News and continues:

- It's the same kind of people who can shoot at each other in the open street.

Organized crime

In several of the explosions, the police suspect that there are settlements in organized crime. For example, at the blast in Norrköping on Wednesday, where the police say that there are connections to the MC gang sphere. According to Marianne Kristiansson, it can also be an explanation for the recklessness.

- It is planned and organized crime. In most cases, it is not the person who plans the crime that commits it, instead the crime is often carried out by a younger person in the longer rank.

"Should need support"

Could such a ruthless crime justify one for forensic psychiatric care?

- No, these are not people with psychiatric ill-health. However, there are often people with some kind of behavioral disorder who have to get away from the criminal environment, for example via a prison sentence. After that, they need education, jobs and social networks to stay out of crime, says Marianne Kristiansson, professor of forensic psychiatry at the Karolinska Institute.