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The growing disagreement between the governments of La Paz and Havana has finally caused the Andean country’s Foreign Ministry to announce this Friday the “suspension” of diplomatic relations between the two countries. A provisional break that really began to crack after the return of the 700 Cuban doctors installed in Bolivia thanks to the alliance between Cuba and the revolutionary government of Evo Morales.

The Cuban doctors returned to the island turned into "heroes", as was already the case with those who left Brazil and Ecuador, while the provisional Government of Jeanine Áñez denounced their terrible salary conditions and the presence of "spies" among the contingent.

"This determination is due to the recent and inadmissible expressions of Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez and the constant hostility and constant grievances of Cuba against the Bolivian constitutional government and its democratic process," the Foreign Ministry, headed by Karen Longaric, said Friday. has appealed to the principles of non-interference , "self-determination of peoples and sovereign equality of states".

This outcome was sung since Áñez, in his speech on the state of the provisional Government, denounced that the Cuban Government kept 80% of the wages with which Bolivia paid Caribbean doctors arriving in their country. In total, 147 million dollars. "They had a salary of $ 1,040, a per diem [allowance] of 60 Bolivians and air transportation expenses paid by the State, making a total of 9,000 Bolivians [$ 1,300] for each of them. But only 20% of that amount he arrived at the Cuban brigade. The rest of the money was diverted to finance the Castro-communism, which he has subjected and enslaved to his people, "said the provisional president.

Only 205 of the 702 Cubans who arrived in Bolivia had a medical degree , according to research by the new Ministry of Health. The Bolivian Prosecutor's Office has accused Carlos de la Rocha, national coordinator of the Evo Morales Health program, of corruption and uneconomic attitude.

Áñez leads the transition to the general elections in May, following Morales's resignation in November. The Government of the Aymara leader formed a triple alliance with Cuba and Venezuela for 14 years , which has caused the relations between them to be broken with the new Administration. Cuba was already decisive in supporting Morales during the protests that pushed his first electoral victory in 2006.

"Vulgar lies of the self-proclaimed coup in Bolivia. Another example of his servitude to the US. He should explain to his people that after returning to Cuba from collaborators, due to the violence they were subjected to, more than 454,440 medical care has been stopped. "replied the Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez , the final trigger for the breakdown of relations.

In a report published in 'Granma', official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba, Havana says that the dismissal of their doctors has caused 1,000 pregnant women not to receive assistance, 2,700 people have been left without ophthalmic surgery and 5,000 without other operations .

The money that Havana receives as payment for its medical missions is transcendental for its economy. Of the 14,000 million dollars that Cuba receives annually for the export of goods and services, 11,000 correspond to doctors abroad, as recognized by the state press and confirmed by the World Trade Organization.

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