Iraqis on social media circulated video clips of the funeral of an Iraqi paramedic who was killed on Wednesday night after he and her comrades attacked her and her comrades in civilian cars in the city of Basra in southern Iraq.

Activists described Jinan Madhi Al-Shahmani, 49, as the compassionate mother of the revolutionaries, and she served as a paramedic to all of the protesters, praising her charitable work and promising those who killed her to pay the price.

The funeral of the martyr Jinan Mazi Al-Shahmani (Umm Jannat) is a civil activist whose goal is to care for orphans, education of sewing widows, hairdressers, cooking and manual work, responsible for several families of widows, divorced, displaced and abusive families who are responsible for 500 orphans a woman who has given birth to her life with the assistance of orphans and widows # Mercy.

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Commenting on this incident, the Basra Police Command issued a statement saying, "The killing of the paramedic is a criminal, not a terrorist," noting that the crime scene is far from the location of the sit-in.

Basra Police: Assassination of the paramedic or criminal criminal is not related to the demonstrations
The leadership said in a statement that the investigations into the killing of the paramedic Jinan Al-Shahmani (Umm Janat) revealed that it is a criminal accident and not a terrorist as the crime scene is far from the location of the sit-in or demonstrations and is not in it as some have claimed
Directorate has started

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Jinan was killed Wednesday night in an attack by unidentified gunmen in a four-wheel-drive vehicle in the city of Basra. The attack also injured five other people - including an activist - seriously.

They - demonstrators and activists who provide medical services and first aid to the demonstrators - were attacked on their way back from the protest scene.

Medic arrested
In Baghdad, activists circulated video clips showing the frequent attacks on the first aiders and field medical teams accompanying the demonstrators in Iraq, the most prominent of which is a video documenting the moment of the arrest of a paramedic on the Muhammad Qasim Expressway, which was later released.

A video documenting the moment when a paramedic was arrested on the Muhammad Qasim Express Bridge was subsequently released. # Al-Nasiriyah timeout # Iraq_ rising up

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It is noteworthy that the popular movement has stepped up its protests since Monday, with the closure of many universities, schools, government institutions and main roads in the Iraqi capital and the cities and towns of the center and south of the country.

The demonstrators headed towards escalation with the expiry of a deadline granted to the authorities to respond to their demands, the first of which is to assign an impartial independent person to form the next government, as well as to hold accountable the killers of the demonstrators and activists in the protests.

Iraq has witnessed unprecedented protests since the beginning of last October, interspersed with violence that left hundreds of dead and thousands wounded, most of them protesters.