When on January 6, Majorcans celebrated the day of Kings, the adoration of a child born in the misery of the manger and the party that represents the illusion of children, the vast majority of them did not know the atrocious reality suffered by some of the most vulnerable children of the Island. As in a biblical parable, the events revealed during the second half of the year have brought us down to earthly hell, erasing the scent of incense from a blow and freezing the blood of a society that no longer has innocence left. lose at hit of the headline.

Let's recap the information disseminated in just fifteen days.

We know now that during the early Christmas Eve a group of six young people raped - still allegedly, is being investigated in court - a 13-year-old girl who is supervised by social services. Those denounced by the wild aggression, some of them also in legal custody of the administrations, are in turn minors, with ages between 13 and 17 years. Justice is behind it: hopefully it will be resolved before the day of the final judgment.

We also know now that the sexual exploitation of supervised minors is not limited to a single case. Neither two nor three. But it is a scourge that affects other girls (the government has admitted 16, many more according to other sources) and is known by the authorities for years. The work of journalists Gema Izquierdo and Maria Antònia Cantallops, who already in November 2017 (yes, they read well, more than 800 days ago) published this chilling reality in EL MUNDO , offering the testimony of valuable sources and giving creepy data, like one of the girls was terrified that the band that exploited her "fixed her legs with a powerful glue." Did anyone do something after the post? Were there demonstrations? Did any political party call for a protest march with a bond for children's rights? Did judicial remedies to protect these children improve and specialize, as yesterday the director of the Children's Office Serafín Carballo correctly claimed in the interesting interview published by Carmen Morales ? No. Or not enough.

We have also known that the girl victim of the Christmas Eve rape group related how in a bar in Palma a group of men offered her sex in exchange for money and how a woman who, according to other testimonies facilitated these alleged abuses, came forward to say that the girl was "engaged" with another adult. A real atrocity that tells us where gangrene really is: depraved adults who commit these execrable crimes. "The problem is that there is a demand and that is where we have to attack," asked Francisco Ayala, the father of a 16-year-old girl who was the victim of sexual exploitation who died of an overdose in 2011.

Finally, and in the new curve of this terror tunnel, we have known that public social services have fired in the last two years four educators and an educator of legal age for having inappropriate behaviors of sexual dyes with minors under their tutelage.

None of this would have been known if in the Balearic Islands, as some machinists of the Government would like, there were no journalists who did not simply package propaganda. This information has been published in this and in all the local newspapers, which have tried to shed light on a situation of maximum public interest. The authorities cannot claim an informational blackout. Or does society prefer to live in ignorance?

The control of the public administration involves reporting all these facts with the greatest rigor and the greatest possible weighting, without undermining the rights of anyone. That is the work of the journalist, as it is that of politicians to assume their responsibilities, explain what their failures have been (for that they should first learn to recognize that they fail) and prevent this from happening. To this day, nobody has said "we were wrong, we were not able to avoid it". And, of course, the verb to resign is still not conjugated by any public office.

If in 2017 these facts were known by journalists, they were also known by professionals, experts and policy makers. However, it has not been until now, serious abuse of minors through, when a political investigation commission is to be opened. Now. Two years later.

The Pacte has been selling us for five years, which is the government of the most disadvantaged, of social progress and of transparency. It is smoke from fogueó .

It is not the first time an attempt has been made to cover a scandal with a blanket of silence. There is the Emaya case, an investigation carried out by the Office of the Environment Prosecutor and the Civil Guard on polluting spills. A case in which the most absolute of the secrets prevails and where, despite the judicial accusations, nobody has assumed political responsibility. That is its transparency. Or there it is, forgotten after a few days of headlines, the case of insularity bonuses: the bonus of 22,000 euros per year that charge high positions of the Pacte to improve their already bulky payrolls.

No one doubts that the problem of sexual exploitation and abuse of supervised minors is very complex. Nor can it generalize or put in the same bag the dozens of good professionals and educators who deal with it every day. However, the only way to deal with it is to act with all the springs and let the light burst into hell.

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