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Harvey Weinstein outside the Manhattan Court, January 6, 2020. REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz

Over a hundred women, mostly actresses, have accused the former producer of sexual assault, harassment or rape. But it was only the testimony of two women that could be held against him.

With our correspondent in New York, Carrie Nooten

This Wednesday morning is held in New York the first hearing of the Weinstein trial , a little more than two years after the revelations of the New York Times and the New Yorker , who had launched the movement #MeToo.

At trial, the twelve jurors will have to rule on acts allegedly committed by Harvey Weinstein, 67, on only two women, even if the charges relate to dozens of women. The first is known, it is Mimi Haleyi, former assistant of a television program he produced, and who claims that the producer has imposed cunnilingus on him. The second alleged victim remains anonymous and is said to have accused the former Hollywood tycoon of rape.

Discriminate the victims

Without evidence, the defense will seek to discredit the two alleged victims. Harvey Weinstein does not admit the facts and has not planned to testify, but the prosecutor will try to prove that he is guilty of sexual assault, rape and sexual predator behavior.

To support this last count, she will call four other witnesses, all actresses, to testify. The prosecutor will also call the psychiatrist who had played a key role in the trial of Bill Cosby , convicted on charges similar to those against Weinstein. She will dismantle several myths about victims of sexual violence to explain their "courteous", even warm, behavior in public with the man they accuse of having abused them. And thus counter defense strategy.

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