“No, if such a report took place, we would inform you of this. The deadline has not yet expired, ”a Kremlin spokesman quoted Interfax as saying.

Thus, he answered the question whether Mishustin submitted a corresponding report.

As Peskov pointed out, the submission of the structure of the Cabinet and candidates should occur within the constitutional term.

Answering the question whether only the structure of the government, including personalities, will be presented to the president, Peskov emphasized: "Both that and another."

“There are different options. As they consider it appropriate in this case, the chairman of the government and the president, ”he said.

On January 16, the State Duma approved Mishustin’s candidacy for the post of Russian prime minister, and later a decree was signed on his appointment.

As the new Prime Minister noted, the most important thing now is the implementation of the provisions of the President’s Address to the Federal Assembly.