When we stay in the pool or in the bath for a long time, the skin becomes wrinkled or shrinking, and if we get out of the water the skin is taken back to its normal state and returned to its softness, a phenomenon that amazed scientists. But researchers reached new results.

Scientists from the University of Newcastle in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters revealed that the reason behind the skin wrinkle is due to a complex interaction in the outer skin layer. But scientists could not fully explain how wrinkles in the fingers developed.

The website of the German magazine "Focus" stated that the researchers assume that the autonomic nervous system controls the formation of the shrinking skin, as the small blood vessels under the skin contract, which is a reaction that controls the nervous system, and pulls the skin inside.

Scientists stated that wet bodies can be easily grasped with shrinking fingers. In the case of hard objects, the shrinking fingers do not carry any facilities or difficulties in holding them, and things can be caught and raised naturally.

As for the failure of the surface of the fingers to be permanently wrinkled in the natural state - as long as this situation is somewhat comfortable for holding and lifting objects - it is still a mystery to scientists.