`` North Korea is one of the fastest weapons nations in the world '' U.S. military executive Jan. 10, 10:08

U.S. military officials have stated that North Korea has performed 67 missile launches under Kim Jong Un's chairman of the Korean Labor Party, and has stated that it has performed 67 missiles. It is one of the countries that is developing missiles and weapons quickly. "

The U.S. Army Uniform Group No. 2 Vice-Chairman Hyten Joint Chief of Staff spoke on the 17th in Washington, D.C.

Among the missile launch experiments by North Korea in the past, Kim Il Sung (Kim Il Sung) was nine times and Kim Jong Il (Kim Jong Il) was the general secretary during 22 times, while Kim Under the chairman of the Korean Labor Party, Jung Eun revealed that he has performed 67 launches so far.

He said, "North Korea is one of the fastest countries in the world developing new missiles and weapons," he warned of North Korea's missile development.

Meanwhile, Vice-Chair Hyten stressed the North's missile defense network, saying "I am 100% sure that I can deal with North Korean missiles."

As denuclearization negotiations struggle, Kim is shaking to lift sanctions, saying, `` We will witness new strategic weapons soon. '' We are strengthening our vigilance in cooperation with.