Marine Le Pen is already thinking about 2022 - ROMUALD MEIGNEUX / SIPA

  • Marine Le Pen announced to the press on Thursday that she was launching a "pre-presidential" campaign for 2022.
  • "If I am the best placed - I do not know at the time when I speak to you - I will be ready," replied Ségolène Royal to a question about her presidential ambition.
  • Other political figures have also indicated that they are thinking of this deadline, more than two years before the election.

2022 already in everyone's mind. Marine Le Pen announced during her vows to the press on Thursday that she was embarking on a “pre-presidential” campaign to prepare a “great changeover” to Emmanuel Macron during the 2022 election. The same day, Ségolène Royal, passed the media offensive after the government announced its intention to end her duties as pole ambassador, left the door open for a new candidacy. "If I am the best placed, I will be ready," replied the former socialist minister on BFMTV.

Scheduled for spring 2022, the presidential already arouses lust. To varying degrees, many politicians have already shown interest, on the left (Yannick Jadot, Bernard Cazeneuve, Jean-Luc Mélenchon…), as on the right (Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse, Bruno Retailleau). With more than two years to go, why are they all already thinking about this?

The context of the crisis pushes politicians to launch out

First there are specific reasons. By accelerating the tempo, Marine Le Pen wishes to set up a little more of his duel against Emmanuel Macron, taking advantage of the current context of crisis. “French society is anxious, almost desperate, and the French do not feel heard. We have to send them this sign that another policy is possible, ”summarizes National Rally MP Sébastien Chenu. Another challenge for the president of the RN: prepare the election better than in 2017, after failures on the exit from the euro or during the inter-round debate. “Many had buried her, but she crossed her desert, she is now very motivated. We want to take the time to build a program adapted to the new challenges, ”adds Chenu.

Ségolène Royal may also have a calendar in mind. “She first supported Emmanuel Macron, then she was appointed ambassador. For a while she respected her duty of reserve, then she woke up a year ago, ”observes Roland Lescure, LREM deputy for French citizens living outside France. " Why ? Part of the answer is to be found in the electoral results of the left and the lack of leadership. Maybe she thinks she has a place to take. "

A general context of acceleration of political time

This early interest in the presidential election is more generally explained by an acceleration of political time. “The five-year period has favored this acceleration. At the mid-term of Emmanuel Macron, many consider that his work is already finished. It is a paradox, because we are in a period which claims on the contrary a new form of democracy, more participative, and we focus however on the presidential ”, remarks Jean Garrigues.

For the historian, the release of 2017 created "a great trauma" for the traditional political families, the Socialist Party and The Republicans in mind. “Previously, each party had its leader clearly identified: Jacques Chirac for the right in the 1990s or François Mitterrand for the years 1970-80 for example. But today, the situation is less frozen, the parties are unstructured, without leaders, which motivates plural ambitions ”, adds the specialist.

Everyone therefore thinks they can emerge, hoping to repeat Emmanuel Macron's move in 2017. “The over-media society, which must constantly feed the political narrative, and the acceleration of political time make the declarations of candidates conducive. Everyone has an interest in occupying the space permanently to hope to provoke a current of sympathy in opinion, continues the historian. The one who understood it first was Ségolène Royal ». In 2006, supported by good polls, the socialist had taken the PS elephants by surprise.


Marine Le Pen is already launching a “presidential” campaign


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