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The remuneration of the high official of the mayor of Toulouse in question


In a book published on Thursday, a journalist from "L'Obs" curbs the elected officials who combine their mandate with, among other things, senior civil servant positions like the outgoing mayor of Toulouse

Jean-Luc Moudenc, the mayor LR of Toulouse. - Fred. Scheiber / 20 Minutes

  • Vincent Jauvert released Thursday The Ravenous: The elites and money under Macron , a book in which they denounce in particular the cumulative functions and salaries of certain elected officials.
  • Jean-Luc Moudenc, the mayor of Toulouse and president of the metropolis, is also a senior civil servant in addition to his mandates.
  • The principal concerned assumes his status as a senior official and indicates that he devotes himself “as much as necessary” to his elected mandate.

How is it possible to reconcile a time-consuming political mandate and a post of senior official? This is the question posed by journalist Vincent Jauvert in his latest book called Les Voraces, les élites et argent sous Macron . Over the pages, he denounces the excesses of certain elected officials wearing a double hat and accumulating remuneration.

Among them, Pierre Fond, mayor of Sartrouville, president of the agglomeration community and vice-president of the departmental council of Yvelines while being "main accounting agent" of Cnes, or even Jean-François Debat, who in addition to his mandates elected in Ain is also a member of the Council of State. The outgoing mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc (LR) is also pinned.

At the same time mayor of #Toulouse and senior civil servant, #Moudenc earns 15,000th a month. But it has abolished free canteens for the poorest children. With #archipelcitoyen, you will elect simple people who will not combine functionshttps: //

- Manuel Bompard (@mbompard) January 16, 2020

Not for his allowances for mayor and president of the metropolis, capped at 6,097 euros after deduction at source, as indicated on the website of the town hall. But for his remuneration in his capacity as general economic and financial controller, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Reviews on the left

A post of high commissioner which he occupies since 2008 after his nomination by Nicolas Sarkozy. Who is in addition to his office as president of the France Urbaine association. A job he did not hold for two years, when he was a member of parliament.

Returning to the Capitol in 2014, he left his mandate to the National Assembly but returned to his post. A position for which he was paid almost 99,000 euros in 2011 in a declaration he had made to the High Authority for the transparency of public life in 2014.

Since his re-election, as an elected official, he has benefited from scheduling arrangements. “The mission of general economic and financial controller, which I have been carrying out since 2008, is known to everyone. In accordance with the regulations in force, I exercise my functions as mayor of Toulouse and president of Toulouse Métropole in parallel with my professional mission, thanks to leave of absence and credits of unpaid hours, which cuts down on as much remuneration as I receive, "he said today.

For the outgoing mayor, "this has always been perfectly assumed". Still, some are wondering about the possibility of being 100% mayor of Toulouse while taking on work, even part-time, alongside. Questioned by France 3 Occitanie last year when the question had been asked in the municipal council, the main interested party indicated practicing telework and shift schedules, thus allowing him to fill his "quota of annual hours and all missions entrusted to me by my hierarchy ”.

A combination that he is accused of today by municipal candidates, in particular from the Citizen Archipelago list. Its members asked him to "publish his tax sheets for the past 6 years as well as his salary statements".

Moudenc combines time and mandates.
He did not have to sign the anticor charter like the archipelago candidates

- Claire Dujardin (@DujardinClaire) January 17, 2020

Two months before the election, the outgoing mayor regrets that "some are putting this issue back on the media scene in an opportunistic manner" and indicates that "as for the exercise of my elected mandate, I devote myself to it as much as 'it is necessary, in accordance with my commitments made to the people of Toulouse ”.


Five deputies pinned for "breaches" by Assembly ethics officer


In the event of unjustified absences, the allowances of elected officials will be reduced to the Ile-de-France regional council

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