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Dia alarm: "The growth of environmental crimes affects the quality of life"


"Urban waste collection targeted by mafias"

  • Foggia, security measures strengthened for the Vigilante brothers and the Dia section arrives
  • Mafia: Dia operation in Agrigento, over 30 arrests
  • Mafias, Dia report: criminal association between indigenous groups and historical clans in Rome


17 January 2020 "Environmental crime is a worrying phenomenon because it involves diversified interests across the board. The product of these illegal behaviors interferes with the environment and the physical and mental integrity of people, affecting their quality of life, with consequent consequences social costs. " The latest six-monthly report from the Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate raised the alarm

From the analysis of the investigations carried out on the national territory in recent years, "the attempt by organized crime to acquire the contracts for the municipal solid waste collection service (first phase of the waste cycle), as well as to acquire the remediation activities of the "sites. According to the Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate, "attempts to condition the procurement procedures through intimidation to the detriment of competing companies, but also through agreements and relations with representatives of local institutions and the business world, have proved particularly aggressive. The mafia intervention took place during the execution of the contractual relationship, the partnerships forced the contractors of the collection and disposal service to hire workers, entrusting activities related to the waste cycle to companies attributable to criminal organizations or the payment of extortion fees to avoid retaliatory damage to the construction vehicles ".

"All this - underlined the analysts of the Dia - sometimes allowed almost a monopoly in the removal and transport services by companies directly controlled by organized crime: from victims the entrepreneurs became 'partners' of the mafia groups, acquiring benefits in terms of turnover ".

'Ndrangheta, rooted level of penetration in the political world
The 'ndrangheta expresses "a deep-rooted level of penetration in the political and institutional world, obtaining undue advantages in the award of contracts and public contracts". Similarly, "infiltration into the entrepreneurial sector allows it to fit into healthy corporate structures, obtaining the double effect of laundering illicitly accumulated proceeds and acquiring further ones through the legal channels, also going to" scale "companies until they reach ownership ". The anti-mafia investigative directorate wrote this in the half-yearly report on its activity sent to Parliament. The complex of investigations once again returns "the image of a tendentially silent 'Ndrangheta, but more than ever alive in his entrepreneurial business vocation, firmly leader in major drug trafficking, an area in which he continues to acquire strength and' prestige ', also internationally ".

For the report, "the effectiveness of the Calabrian consortia is to be found, first of all, in their family-based organizational structure, compact from the inside and therefore less exposed to the phenomenon of repentance. This makes the Calabrian mafia the most reliable even before the equal foreign criminal groups, with which it is developing relationships, expanding widely. One of the strengths of the 'ndrangheta lies in its ability to establish direct links with various interlocutors. The most recent investigations have shown how the' ndrine manage to relate equally with the other criminal organizations from the south or the center of the country, but also with interlocutors from different social backgrounds, be they politicians, entrepreneurs or professionals in any case useful for the advantage of the gangs ".

In fact, "we are faced with an archaic mafia in structure and modern in strategy, capable of creating and reinforcing its internal associational bonds more and more, creating continuity and consensus especially in areas of strong economic suffering, but at the same time able to adapt to the evolutions of the external context, national and international, keeping up with the phenomena of progress and globalization, also thanks to the young levers who are sent out of the region to educate and train themselves to then make their knowledge available accumulated".

For Cosa Nostra the issue of leadership is unresolved
"In a mafia scenario like the present one, characterized by an urgent need for a new structure and to solve the long-standing question of leadership, solidity, criminal influence, military capacity and the 'political' weight of individual families, mandates and the respective top structures play a fundamental role in the definition of power relations and, consequently, in the identification of new strategies and new balances ". It is the analysis of Cosa Nostra contained in the last half-yearly report sent by Dia to Parliament.

"A possible response to these needs - explains the document - is the search to reconstitute the relational network within the Sicilian consortiums, to broaden the objectives, to return to play a primary role even outside the area of ​​competence, whose socio-economic fabric no longer guarantees sufficient resources ". The results of the most recent operations further confirm "a hierarchically organized structure" and "a typically geographical rootedness of the Sicilian criminal organizations that are showing the propensity, on the one hand, to revitalize contacts between the families of the island and, on the other, to recover relationships with its historical offshoots abroad ". To this must be added "the attempt, often successful, to establish further alliances with foreign associations, for example the Balkans and South Americans, especially for drug trafficking".
Camorra, youth gangs "academy" of the clans
Bands of increasingly young and ruthless boys, grown to propose themselves as "the Academy of the Camorra". In the half-yearly report on the activity carried out and the results achieved, Dia highlights how these gangs "conformed to the models of the emerging clans, in which the age of the affiliates is particularly low. Of these, at times, scions of criminal families, who borrowed violent attitudes from their parents. It is not uncommon for the young people who make up these gangs to have no connection with criminal organizations, although the violence they express is equally exasperated. These formations, which make up the Academy of the Camorra ', are often the protagonists of aggressions for futile reasons to the detriment of other peers, showing that they have no awareness of the seriousness of their acts, as happened in March 2018, when three minors killed a security guard with stick strokes, to Naples, in the Piscinola subway station, to steal his gun and then sell it ".

"To this plethora of 'aspiring Camorra' - the report still reads - is added the group of boys who belong to mafia families and are 'initiated', by the parents themselves, to criminal activities, still children. From this Academy, which represents an effective training and selection process for future leadership, new leaders will emerge based on their respective ability to give orders, form alliances, and ultimately be a point of reference in criminal action ".

Foggia bombs: ruthless mafia punishes those who rebel
In the province of Foggia , "the strong bond of criminal groups with the territory, the family relationships of most of the clans and the massive presence of weapons and explosives favor a humane and violent environmental context". According to Dia "the subjugation of the socio-economic fabric, when it is not directly connected to the intimidating acts perpetrated by the gangs, is the result of the widespread awareness that the mafia of that province is ruthless and heavily punishes those who rebel".

The analysis of the internal structures of the Apulian criminal consortiums attests "the peculiar heterogeneity of the Foggia mafia, divided into the three distinct articulations of the Foggia society, of the Gargano mafia and the Cerignola underworld. Nevertheless, important judicial results confirm how the mafia phenomenon in Capitanata, similarly what happened in the past for the other Italian mafias, is moving towards more structured and systematic forms of organization ".

In essence, warns Dia, "there is a tendency to overcome those forms of instability and conflict typical of the Campania Camorra, to which the Foggia mafia is linked for reasons of criminogenesis, to strive towards new organizational structures, more consolidated and based on strategies shared, thus emulating, also in an expansionist perspective, the 'ndrangheta ". The surveys also show that even in the province of Foggia "a gray area is consolidating, a meeting point between mobsters, entrepreneurs, freelancers and public administration systems. A" middle ground "where lawful and illegal business tends to meet, until confused ".

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