NHK "Always Simultaneous Distribution / Missed Program Distribution" Start from April, January 15, 19:00

NHK has been offering a service of "simultaneous simultaneous distribution" that simultaneously distributes terrestrial TV programs to the Internet, and "missing program distribution" that allows you to watch these programs anytime during the week after broadcasting. To start.

NHK Chairman Ueda holds a press conference and announces that it will start "April 1st, simultaneous delivery" and "Missed program delivery" services on the Internet of TV broadcasting so that programs and contents can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Did.

The new service is called "NHK Plus" and will deliver programs on General TV and E-Tele.

▽ In order to reduce costs, simultaneous simultaneous distribution will be performed for about 18 hours from 6:00 am to 0:00 a.m. the next day. ▽ Missed program distribution will be available anytime for 7 days after the broadcast in principle.

"NHK Plus" will be implemented as a service that complements broadcasting, so that (1) subscribers and (2) those who have the same livelihood as the subscriber can use the service without additional burden if they apply for use and authenticate. You.

In addition, the cost of using the Internet, including NHK Plus, in fiscal 2020, excluding expenses related to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, is expected to be 17 billion yen, 2.4% of the reception fee revenue.

NHK will conduct a trial service from March 1st to check the system.

Mr. Ueda said, "In the current management plan, NHK will make the environment where it can receive accurate and prompt news and various programs of high quality" anytime, anywhere "by making good use of the Internet while using the broadcast as a thick trunk. With the launch of NHK Plus, NHK will continue to play a role as a "public media" and as a trusted "social infrastructure for information". It's a big step forward. "