He said this during a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abdel Rahman Al Thani.

“The President said that Iraq does not want to be a springboard for any hostile actions against any of its neighbors or a new battlefield, depleting the energy and capabilities of the peoples,” the office reports.

According to Saleh, Iraq is striving to become a “stabilizing factor, the center of the world”, a supporter of joint efforts aimed at overcoming the crisis so that the peoples of the region can live in peace, stability and prosperity.

In turn, the Qatar Foreign Minister noted the importance of coordination and joint work with regional and world powers in achieving these goals.

Parties emphasized the need for restraint.

Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, after negotiations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, called for preventing large-scale military clashes in the Middle East, which could be a disaster for the whole world.

On January 3, during the operation of the US Armed Forces in Iraq, the Iranian General of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Suleymani was killed.

Tehran later conducted a retaliation operation for the assassination of Suleimani and launched rocket attacks on two US bases in Iraq.