Yesterday, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin confirmed the success of economic sanctions on Iran, saying: "There is no doubt that sanctions against Iran are effective and successful." He added that international sanctions will be imposed on Tehran, while the Iranians called on social networking sites, yesterday, for new demonstrations in Tehran and other cities are against the Iranian leadership, amid expectations of an increased economic recession.

In detail, Manuchin added that the United States believes that international sanctions against Iran will be re-imposed quickly due to France, Britain and Germany formally activating a mechanism aimed at helping to impose the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Manuchin pointed out in comments to CNBC: "There were very direct discussions, as did Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, also with our counterparts." "I think you saw the three European countries issued the statement and activated the dispute resolution mechanism. We look forward to working with it quickly, and I expect the United Nations sanctions to be reimposed quickly," he added.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had accused European powers of violating the 2015 nuclear agreement at a press conference in India yesterday, a day after Britain, France and Germany activated the dispute-settlement mechanism to force Tehran to return to abide by the agreement.

He also told reporters in New Delhi that the Europeans "do not buy oil from us, and all their companies have withdrawn from Iran, so Europe is violating" the agreement, which confirmed that its future "depends on Europe."

This comes at a time when the International Finance Institute said that the stagnation of the Iranian economy, which suffers due to sanctions that limit oil sales, will intensify during the current fiscal year, and the country's foreign reserves may decline to 73 billion dollars by March, and the country will lose nearly 40 billion dollars. Within two years.

The institute added in a report that Iran's economy contracted 4.6% in the 2018-2019 fiscal year, and the contraction is expected to worsen to 7.2% in the current fiscal year.

The Iranians called on social media yesterday, for new demonstrations, a week after the downing of a passenger plane, seeking to turn the protests that followed the crash into a continuous campaign against the Iranian leadership.

Demonstrators, mostly students, have been organizing daily protests in Tehran and other cities since Saturday when, after days of denial, the authorities admitted the downing of the Ukrainian airliner last week, killing 176 people on board.