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Duties, the truce between the USA and China arrives. Trump: "historic agreement"


Enthusiastic tones for the seal on the agreement between Washington and Beijing which will effectively put an end to trade tariffs. The ceremony took place in the White House decorated for the occasion with the red Chinese flags alternating with those with US stars and stripes

  • Milan in red, all awaiting US-China signature
  • Cautious markets before the US-China signing a failure penalizes Prysmian
  • Towards the signing between the US and China FTSE MIB in decline, the worst in Europe.
  • Duties, Trump: January 15 I will sign first phase trade agreement with China


January 15, 2020 Climate of great satisfaction, almost festive, during the ceremony for the signing of the agreement between the US and China on free trade. "It is a beautiful day for America, for China and for the whole world, said the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence.

"It is an important step, which had to be taken already 25 years ago. It is a historic agreement, a milestone", President Donald Trump said, between a smile and a joke with his collaborators, also warning that in the near future will want to go to China on an official visit.

"Many thought it would never happen. Together - Trump continued - we are rewriting the mistakes of the past to offer a future of economic and security justice for American workers, farmers and families".

A big thank you from President Donald Trump then went to Chinese President Xi Jinping: "I want to thank President Xi who is following us, a great friend of mine. We represent two different countries, he is China, I the United States, but we have developed a great relationship. Thanks for your cooperation. "

The phase 1 agreement on tariffs between Washington and Beijing for the time being will not show its effects. Rates will remain unchanged at least until November.

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