The Yamaha company has warned people not to try to cram their bodies into musical instrument boxes after reports that former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn had fled Japan hiding inside a musical instrument box.

"We will not mention the reason, but there are many tweets about hiding inside large musical instrument boxes. The warning after any unfortunate accident will be too late, so we ask everyone not to try this," the Japanese company said on Twitter on January 11.

Ghosn, accused of hiding his income and transferring investment losses to Nissan and misusing the company’s money, fled from Japan at the end of December to Lebanon. The Japanese authorities have vowed to pursue him and issue an international arrest warrant for him and his wife, Carol.

Ghosn declined to reveal the way he infiltrated the airport security in Japan or confirm media reports that he was smuggled in a private plane from Kansai Airport in western Japan, hidden inside a large loudspeaker box that was too large to enter the X-ray machine.

Earlier, Ghosn denied that he had been removed from his Tokyo home in a double bass machine box.

Yamaha, who makes musical instruments from piano to double bass, drums and large amplifiers, thanked people in another tweet on Twitter for her admiration for the first tweet, which has been republished more than 50,000 times. She reminded her followers again that musical instrument boxes are designed for musical instruments, not humans.