Reuters news agency quoted Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Priestiko as saying that Iran had pledged to hand Kiev the black boxes of the plane that was shot down "by mistake", according to the Iranian authorities, after taking off from Khomeini airport last Wednesday, killing all 176 passengers.

Prestiko added - on the sidelines of a visit to Singapore today - that the five countries whose citizens were killed in the plane will meet in London next Thursday, to discuss taking the necessary legal measures.

He also stressed that these countries will discuss during the meeting the issue of compensation and investigation of the incident.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian official confirmed that the Iranian authorities' statement that the stricken plane flew near a sensitive military site before targeting it, is "nonsense."

It is noteworthy that the accident of the downing of the Ukrainian plane caused demonstrations of university students and citizens in the center of the capital, Tehran, to demand the dismissal of all officials who caused the accident.

The demonstrators also criticized the way officials dealt with the incident and their delay in announcing the truth and the circumstances of what happened.

Earlier on Saturday, a General Staff statement announced that its air defense system had shot down a passenger plane due to a human error, the moment it passed over a sensitive military area.

Tehran had initially denied the plane was caused by a missile, and said it had convincing evidence in this regard.

Iranian officials have apologized for what happened through their Twitter accounts.

The office of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelinsky confirmed that his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, had apologized on behalf of his country for the downing of the plane.

Zelinsky said that his country insists on the need for Tehran to admit guilt, expressing the hope that Iran responsible for the incident will be brought to justice, return the bodies of the victims, pay compensation and provide an official apology.