Josema Yuste, during his previous visit to 'El Hormiguero', in 2016.

After marking milestones like the "Encarna" or the time they rubbed lubrically with Madonna, half of the duo settles in the formal mood.

Josema Yuste: 'The return of Tuesday and Thirteen will not happen. I have it clear'

"Bi barido be pega. Be paste bucho". It was 1991, Spain was preparing for its great year of supplies, Olympic games and universal exhibitions, and in full 'high', with the colors of the first private networks, Tuesday and Thirteen did a TVE sketch about battered women . The gag caused the usual (canned and real) laughs caused by the duo, big stars of public television of the time. There were the nuns who pedaled, jocular, on bicycles without a saddle; or the 'Maricón de España'; or Pocholo and Borjamari who, 'fixed', went skiing.

Times have changed, no doubt, and the limits of humor and other postmodern debates have forced Millán Salcedo and Josema Yuste to apologize again and again for that program. Things from a past that seems to be light years away from the current situation of the former components of humorous training that entertained New Year's Eve during the 80s and 90s .

After the separation of Tuesday and Thirteen in 1997 , the roads of Yuste and Millán separated completely. Although without reaching the levels of Álex de la Iglesia's movie 'Dead of Laughter' (1999), both comedians undertook solo careers without wanting to know each other. Millán headed mainly in the theater, while Yuste had a more media profile, with more television appearances and humorous specials that, in a way, made him the heir of Tuesday and Thirteen.

However, his humorous formula was clarified, increasingly white. Gone are delirious moments in the history of television, such as when he and Salcedo were the only Spaniards who interviewed Madonna in the era of 'Erotica' . A few minutes later, the Ambition Rubia realized that she had made a mistake, when she was given a panty-girdle and Millán put it on her head to rub against it like a dog in heat. "I don't think they are abusing me," the singer laughed.

In spite of everything, Yuste has always defended that his humor at that time was much less 'destroy' than people think: "We got along very well, because all the humor we did was white and we didn't bother anyone. We were talking about someone in a fun, white, free and a little unconscious way, "he assured LOC four years ago.

A few months ago, he was interviewed by Risto Mejide on television and reaffirmed, although he wanted to comment on the limits of humor to the story of the controversy by the use of the flag of Spain to blow the boogers in the program 'The Intermediate': "With the Spanish flag must have some tact and care, because many of us feel identified with it. The reaction was exaggerated but it offended me a little. There are many millions of Spaniards who have gone to emigrate to Germany to work, to fight, to get their family forward, to bring the salary here when they could come to bring the salary, who have spent them whores and pointers, and for them that flag surely means more than for me. Much more. Then I just for that reason would not have done it You can do it, but you expose yourself to this happening. "

Alternating television with theater, Yuste has reached the age of 65 without having to resort to the many times demanded return of Tuesday and Thirteen. "By saturation surely, we decided to cut and it is the best thing we did," said the comedian at the time, closing any window to a 'comeback': "It will not happen. I have it clear and for a long time."

Which does not mean that, personally, there has been a progressive approach with Salcedo, to the point of regaining the friendship of the past. This happened when, in 2016, they met again together with Fernando Conde, since at first (from 1978 to the mid-80s), Tuesday and Thirteen was a trio. It was in a beer ad. Since then, there are numerous acts in which they appear together and Yuste was aware of his former partner when he had to be admitted due to an epileptic attack.

This happened also during the premiére, last fall, of the assembly of the work 'Be unfaithful and do not look with whom' that Yuste has put on the tables next to the actress Teté Delgado and in which he was wrapped by Salcedo and Conde.

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