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Referendum, M5S-Lega clash: "Salvini makes fun of Italians"


"Our priority is to return the word to the Italians as soon as possible" says the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini. M5S on the attack. Sibilia: "The Northern League have betrayed their vote". Macina: "Salvini makes fun of Italians"

  • Parliamentarians cut, signatures collected for the referendum
  • Constitutional referendum, how and when to vote


11 January 2020 Among those who take off and remove the signature and those who add it in the Cesarini area, eventually the promoters of the referendum on the parliamentarians' cut (the forces Cangini and Pagano and the dem Nannicini) collect 71 subscriptions (7 more than required) and deposit them in the Court of Cassation. The popular consultation could take place in late spring, perhaps together with the other referendum on the majority and simultaneously with the municipal and regional elections. The Northern League relief is important: 6 senators from Matteo Salvini's party join the signatories and allow the signatures to be reached.

"Supporting the referendum on the cutting of parliamentarians, a law that we promoted and voted in Parliament, also represents the political and democratic attempt to send this dangerous and incapable government home. Our priority is to give the word back to the Italians as soon as possible". This was stated by the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini explaining the political sense of the adhesion to the request for a referendum by some senators of the League.

M5S, Sibilia: Northern League have betrayed their vote
I met another league, more serious and loyal - explains Sibilia-. On the cutting of parliamentarians, the Northern League have betrayed their own vote, preferring their Roman accommodation. This was stated by the 5-star Carlo Sibilia. Every day we read about mobsters who match their name to that of the Northern League (see Latina today), and their mutes. Instead of attacking the mafia, they attack Di Maio and Grillo: they really seem towards the end, meanwhile they lose 2 percentage points a week. The results at the Ministry of the Interior speak clearly - adds the undersecretary - with Salvini only migrant psychoses and less money to Vigili del Fire and law enforcement. Voting Salvini is equivalent to voting for someone who has never worked one day. One who talks about VAT numbers but has never had one. It is surprising that people like Giorgetti and Calderoli let themselves be guided by such a leader, one who makes rash political choices. First he wants to be in government, then runs away from the opposition overwhelmed by his promises and from prison to the great tax evaders. On the one hand he votes for cut the parliamentarians and on the other bless his senators who want to cancel the cutting of the armchairs by supporting the referendum and thus holding on to the salary. If the referendum proposed by Lega and Forza Italia will be held to try to sink the reduction of the seats of the parliamentarians, I hope that the citizens will explain to them in the ballot box what it means to play with consistency and betray expectations. Then the only way will be to resign, "concludes the undersecretary.

M5S, Macina: Salvini makes fun of Italians
“The League today showed its true face and went to the rescue of those who want to save the seats in Parliament. Matteo Salvini would have pushed and convinced, from what seems to emerge, his senators to sign for the referendum on the cut of parliamentarians, making up for the number of signatures that were missing to reach the quorum needed to ask for it. And therefore, despite having voted in favor in plenary, it in fact prevents the immediate entry into force of the reduction in the number of parliamentarians. He would also like to go to the vote by having 945 parliamentarians elected. All this after telling the Italians that the reduction of parliamentarians was "done". Congratulations on your consistency! "This is what the leader of the 5-Star MoViment Committee in the Constitutional Affairs Committee, Anna Macina, says in a statement." We are always happy whenever citizens can express themselves on referendum consultations, but when they are asked, citizens not senators for self-preservation spirit or the League for political calculation. We are curious to see Salvini's referendum campaign against the reduction of parliamentarians ”.

Source: rainews

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