• Investigation: Iran shot down the Ukrainian plane by mistake, according to the Intelligence of the US, Canada and the United Kingdom
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Tehran has given all the countries involved the possibility of participating in their investigation of the catastrophe of flight 752 of Ukrainian International Airlines. The ship, a Boeing 737-800 with just three years of service, crashed last Wednesday at six o'clock in the morning a few minutes after taking off from Tehran's Imam Khomeini International Airport. The 176 passengers, mostly Iranians and Canadians, died after the plane crashed, hours after an Iranian missile attack on an Iraqi base.

The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom announced on Thursday the conclusions of their technical analysis of the event. They concluded that, "probably by mistake", Iranian forces shot down the flight with a Soviet anti-aircraft battery type Tor-M1, on a night of maximum alert to the possibility of military reprisals by the United States. Iranian authorities quickly stepped up to point as the cause of one of the engines overheating, rejecting the Western hypothesis.

This Friday morning, the president of the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran, Ali Abedzadeh, has said that "what is obvious to us, and what we can say with certainty, is that no missile hit the device ." The official stressed that the pilot - who did not issue an emergency call - decided to return to the airport, that everything happened in about two minutes, and that during that time the device registered a fire , to sustain the version that there was no missile involved.

"If [countries that question such a version] have technical information, they can provide it to us ... US officials must support their claims with technical evidence," Abdedzadeh added. Something that will be possible if Washington makes an exception in its sanctions and allows a Boeing team to go to Iran to participate in the investigation. Tehran says it has invited the countries involved to participate in their research. He has not rejected an external reading of the black boxes.

"According to international regulations, representatives of the civil aviation agency of the country where the accident occurred - Iran -, the civil aviation agency of the country that issued the certificate of airworthiness - Ukraine -, the owner of the aircraft, the aircraft manufacturer - Boeing - and the manufacturer of jet engines - the CFM International gala - can participate in the investigation process, "Iran’s presidential spokesman Ali Rabiei said Friday.

Rabiei explained that a Ukrainian delegation has already set foot in Tehran and that the investigation has begun. The Iranian state chain has shown this Friday the opening of the device's black boxes. Abdedzadeh, who has announced that twelve groups of experts have joined the case, said they are "damaged" but readable. He said that "Iran has the devices, programs and experts to extract and analyze the data, but if there is a problem, it will have other countries."

Rabiei, meanwhile, has considered "unfortunate" the propagation of the US version of the demolition with a missile before completing the investigation, calling it "psychological operation." "Those who support him, knowingly or unknowingly, are adding to the insulting insults to the afflicted families, victimizing them by spreading fallacies with certain objectives." The Iranian authorities have been hard on the information in the press about it.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that "missile theory is not ruled out, but has not yet been confirmed." Ukraine has added that Iranian authorities allowed Ukrainian investigators on Thursday to examine fragments of the plane. "It is too early in the investigation to reveal specific details," said the presidential office.

Tehran's reaction comes a few hours after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , whose country lost 63 citizens in the tragedy - many emigrated Iranians reside in Canada and many young Iranians traveling on the plane eager to complete their studies - said that They had information from intelligence sources, "including our allies," which pointed to the missile's guilt "in a highly probable way." He clarified that what happened was " probably unintended ." Canada and Iran have not had relations since 2012. The tragedy offers a rare window for cooperation just after a crisis that has had the world in danger.

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