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Important details of the Ukrainian plane disaster ... and the Iranian investigation takes two years


US officials handed over "important information" to Kiev about the plane that crashed in Iran, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Pristiciko said on Friday. Prestiko said on Twitter, "We and President Volodymyr Zelinsky and I have met representatives of the United States." We got important information

US officials handed out "important information" to how it related to the plane that crashed in Iran, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Pristiciko said Friday.
"We, President Volodymyr Zelinsky and I met with representatives of the United States," Priestiko said on Twitter. We got important information that our experts will analyze. ”

For its part, Iran said that it wants to download the data of the black boxes of the Ukrainian plane that crashed on its soil, killing all 176 people on board, after Canada and other countries mentioned that the plane was shot down by an Iranian missile, perhaps by mistake.

Iran, which denies the Boeing 737-800 crashed due to a missile, said it could take a month or two to extract information from both voice and flight data recorders.

She said she might ask for help from Russia, Canada, France or Ukraine if necessary. Tehran also said that the investigation could take a year or two.

The head of the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority, Ali Abedzadeh, said that Iran would allow experts from Ukraine as well as experts from Boeing to investigate the Ukrainian plane crash.

Zada announced on Iranian television that the US National Transportation Safety Board had been informed, noting that the American Council had appointed a representative to assist in the investigation.

Zadeh's announcement came during a press conference in Tehran following British and Canadian statements that spoke about indications of a missile strike by mistake.

"One thing is certain: this plane was not hit by a missile," Ali Abedzadeh said.

Zada rejected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's statement Thursday that several intelligence sources indicated that an Iranian missile shot down the Ukrainian Airlines plane after taking off from Tehran, stressing that "any statements issued before extracting the data (from the black boxes of the plane) are not expert opinions."

These developments came as an apparently recorded video showed the moment the plane was hit.

The recording, which the New York Times reported that it had verified, shows an object that moves quickly and rises in the sky before a bright flash appears, then it dims and continues to move forward. After a few seconds, an explosion was heard.

The Ukrainian International Airlines flight en route from Tehran to Kiev was destroyed on Wednesday, while Iran was on alert for a US military response hours after it launched missiles at US targets in Iraq.

Source: emara

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