The Fujairah Misdemeanor Court examined an Asian case accused of attempting suicide after misappropriating a number of capsules from his workplace, and the accused pleaded guilty to attempting suicide as a result of family pressures, and denied the accusation of misappropriating the drug capsules.

The details are due to the fact that the accused embezzled a number of capsules from one of the pharmacies in which he worked and dealt with a large number of them, which led to his severe fatigue, and his colleagues quickly transferred him to the hospital for treatment, and by investigating the case, the cameras installed in his work place revealed that he embezzled a number of capsules.

Facing the defendant's court, the defendant accused the charges brought by the Public Prosecution, stating that he did not embezzle the capsules, and at the same time he admitted that he had attempted suicide after he was exposed to great family pressures, which made him lose control of himself, and he found no solution before him except to swallow a number of capsules.

The court decided to postpone the decision in the case until next week.