20 years after the death of four-year-old Kevin Hjalmarsson, the brothers, Christian Karlsson and Robin Dahlén, are written off from the suspicions that they would have killed Kevin.

After a meeting with the prosecutor, they told the message to SVT Värmland:

"Both me and my brother have been removed from the investigation," said Christian Karlsson, the elder of the two brothers.

How does it feel?

- I haven't been able to digest it, so I can only describe it as pure happiness. It couldn't be a better birthday, Christian Karlsson said.

"No fun growing up"

Chief Prosecutor Niclas Wargren confirmed at a press conference that the brothers had been removed from the investigation and that it was doubtful whether there had been a crime at all.

Christian Karlsson says he does not think any bitter thoughts but instead focuses on the future.

- It is clear that there is no fun growing up we have had, but now we look forward.

Little brother Robin Dahlén agrees.

- Now you can see it in a positive way. Although it took 20 years too long, one day they got a fix.

How are you celebrating today?

"There will be pizza at Vålberg's pizzeria," Robin says, laughing.

Dad in tears

The brothers' father, Weine Dahlén, is also relieved. He is allowed to wipe his cheeks from tears as he talks about his feelings.

- It's absolutely incredible. It's so wonderful after so many years. Finally. Finally, it's all right.

The brothers' lawyer, Thomas Olsson, calls it a nightmare that is over.

- It is an incredibly great joy and relief, a 20 year long nightmare that is over. It was expected but it is a special feeling.

SVT reviewed the case

It was in May that Chief Prosecutor Niclas Wargren decided to resume the investigation, and re-examine all material, after, among other things, SVT examined the case in the documentary series "The Case Kevin".

The documentary series showed major flaws in the 1998 preliminary investigation and was awarded, among other things, the Grand Journalist Prize in the year's revealing class.

80s interrogations

The new investigation group has gone through the old preliminary investigation in detail, and also held interrogations with around 80 people. Some of them have never been heard before. The forensic examination of four-year-old Kevin's dead body has also been re-examined.

At 13 o'clock today, the prosecutor will go through the results of the investigation. SVT News broadcasts directly starting at 12:45.

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