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Degree in Economics and Journalism, works as a consultant but has been unemployed

Macarena Olona, ​​the iron lady of Vox: a baby in her Porsche Panamera

"Who is this VOX?" The question heads a gallery of suggestive photos with tight T-shirts and tiny bikini by Mireia Borrás (not to be confused with Laura Borràs) in Forocoches on the first day of Pedro Sánchez's investiture debate. The answers of the users (many of them irreproducible), show the enthusiasm that the new parliamentarian of the ultra formation has aroused among the followers of the forum, who have made her his new muse . Some, even, have already changed his second last name, Pabón, to Pibón . Others have gone further and praised, in addition to their "front and rear", their curriculum.

Because Borrás, the Vox pibón , has a degree in Economics and Journalism, has a master's degree in Finance and works as a consultant, according to her deputy file , where she also appears as an entrepreneur. On his Instagram, which has 10,200 followers, he also defines himself as "a lover of nature, adventure and sports."

There is not much information about the deputy for Madrid of VOX, beyond the two paragraphs that appear on the party's website, where they emphasize that she has worked as a freelance consultant on “social impact projects” and is “founder until the date of two companies related to technology and sustainability. "

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In the declaration of assets and income that has been presented in Congress does not appear as the owner of any property. He has claimed to have received 8,500 euros of unemployment benefits , in addition to income of 3,000 euros for a consultancy and a collaboration worth 1,500 euros in Shine Iberia, the producer of Master Chef. Borrás has also declared ownership of a current account with 6,000 euros and another 15,000 invested in participations. And although he has Rolls and declares himself a motorcycle lover , he owns a modest Smart.

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On Instagram, she gives a profuse account of her passion for sports , with photos practicing snowboarding , hiking, yoga, boxing or motorcycling, images in the purest instagramer style in which avocado toasts, her dog Kenzo and her family are not lacking. In some of them there is an air between Kim Kardashian (her tattooed eyebrows and ultra-flat hair) and Begoña Villacís .

Lately, however, it is the most modest inns with Santiago Abascal, Ortega Smith and the other deputies of his parliamentary group who star in his tweets and posts. Time will tell if the Vox pibón becomes a parliamentary star. For now, set the nets on fire.

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