After long periods of drought and rounds of high summer temperatures, Australia is experiencing what could be the worst fire season ever.

- It's unfortunate that it burned so early in the season. Summer is long. Everyone knows someone in the affected areas where they are surrounded by forest fires, says Anne-Kristin Ottosson, who moved to Australia last year to start a subsidiary for the Swedish company she works for.

"Only free view a few meters"

A few weeks ago she would go north to a university town at work, but just before leaving she was told that when driving the road there you only had free sight a few meters.

- I chose to stay at home of course, but will make another attempt later this week, says Anne-Kristin, who actually has smattering on the box that day. A rain she feels great joy about. But it is not long enough to clean up the serious situation in Australia.

The disaster situation means that authorities can quickly order evacuation of areas or shut down roads, depending on how uncontrolled fires move.

- I have a colleague who is stuck in the capital Canberra inland. The freeway was shut off when she was there and now they are not coming from there.

To breathe in smoke every day

Through the fire service's app, residents receive notifications and sms if their area is at risk. If you choose to stay, you cannot count on the resources being sufficient to get help.

- It's a weird atmosphere and the smoke settles like a lid or blanket over the city. Where I live is not urgent, but I am wondering what it means for health to breathe such air all the time, says Anne-Kristin Ottosson, who will live in Australia until September next year.