• Venezuela "Maduro's parliamentary coup" to snatch the Assembly from the opposition

The 100 deputies gathered in emergency at the headquarters of the newspaper El Nacional, in eastern Caracas, ratified last night (early morning in Spain) with their votes to Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of the National Assembly (AN), whose headquarters in the Federal Palace Legislative was taken by force this Sunday by military and police of the revolution to impose a fraudulent president.

"It is time to raise your voice, it is time to protest in order to have an outcome, in order to have a presidential election. We need to take the rest," said the president in charge, who was received with a standing ovation after facing the Chavez troops for hours . In their fight to access Parliament in front of 40 deputies, two of them were bruised and needed hospital care.

"2020 is a second chance for Venezuela. We do not doubt that we are a majority, we will exercise it, we must exert pressure. We must all press the dictatorship to achieve a really free presidential election," said Guaidó, who says that this Tuesday They will return to Parliament to meet there.

The vote in El Nacional confirmed that Guaidó had 100 votes against the fifty hundred of his rival, Luis Parra, imposed by Chavismo. Parra is a former leader of Democratic Action, expelled from his party after knowing his links with Alex Saab, a millionaire Colombian businessman who the rebel prosecutor, Luisa Ortega, investigates for being alleged head of Nicolás Maduro himself.

The session held in the newspaper did comply with protocols and regulations, quite the opposite of what happened in the hemicycle, a parliamentary coup that has caused the immediate condemnation of the countries that make up the Lima Group and the United States. "The repressive organisms of the dictatorship persecuted us to avoid the inevitable, our ratification with a vote one by one in spite of the parliamentarians who bought . The one who decides who enters the Parliament or not is the people with votes", added the president of the AN.

The unexpected outcome of a session that was already presumed complicated was celebrated in style by Nicolás Maduro, who attended the inauguration of a baseball stadium near Caracas. "Do not come to look for excuses, if the failed deputy (Guaidó) did not enter it is because he did not want to show his face, because he did not have the votes to re-elect," Chavez's son was justified .

In a festive atmosphere and as if nothing had happened, Maduro said that "the country repudiates Guaidó as a puppet of US imperialism , a very corrupt being who leaves the National Assembly as a billionaire, who stole the 400 million dollars he gave the American government. "

The reactions in the continent did not wait, but the ones that have drawn the most attention are the statements of the Argentine Foreign Minister Felipe Sola. "To impede the operation of the Legislature by force is to condemn itself to international isolation. We reject this action and urge the Venezuelan executive to accept that the road is exactly the opposite . The AN must elect its president with full legitimacy," said the minister of Alberto Fernández, who is part of the Puebla Group, defender of a good part of the Chavista theses.

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