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Gabriel Rufián: ERC's 'negotiator' consolidates his love with the PNV press officer

Mireia Varela, the sevillian Hispanic philologist who makes Gabriel Rufián dance

The change of Gabriel Rufián: fit, moderate and now, single

Gabriel Rufián (37) has become one of the most mediatic and recognizable politicians for the Spanish. Three years after disembarking in the Upper House, the ERC spokesman has gone from starring in some of the most popular tone outputs in the hemicycle to becoming a champion of dialogue and moderation.

Mediator between Iglesias and Sánchez and holder of the key of the investiture of the socialist leader thanks to the abstention of his party. Not only his professional life has undergone a 180 degree turn in these years. Rufián divorced his partner and the mother of his son Biel, Mireia Varela, became the golden bachelor of Congress and, currently, maintains a relationship with Marta Pagola, the press chief of the PNV in Congress.

Admired by some and reviled by others for their role in Congress. Rufián seems to be unforgettable not only in the public sphere. At least that is how it follows from the words of his ex-partner on social networks. Mireia Varela started the year making a deep reflection in social networks about how much she longs for her ex: "I said goodbye 2018 crying knowing that I lost the love of my life", Varela begins saying that he seems to blame the fault of their relationship being broken . "I cried every day, afternoons and evenings. I begged a thousand forgiveness and wish every hour his return."

Varela continues to lament the pain he has caused from his broken heart to the people next to him. And, although the relationship ended in 2018, it seems that 2019 has not been enough for Rufián's ex to overcome the breakup. "I have fired 2019 crying knowing that I can no longer recover him."

Inconsolable, the Catalan - philologist and specialist in Hispanic Literature - describes her son's father as his "unconditional support, my soulmate, my faithful lover, my eternal defender, my protective patient, my tireless fighter for me, my dream of ideal family. I have not lost a person in my life, I have lost part of myself in it. "

However, it seems that one of his 2020 purposes is to assume that his ex maintains a new relationship and abandon the idea of ​​reconciliation. "Life is battles; sometimes you have to fight and sometimes you have to know how to give up." And he ends his message with a definitive: "And I give up."

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