Anyone who is heading to central Norway to experience the true winter can be disappointed. On Thursday, it is rather closer at hand to wear the shorts than the mittens. Two times, the heat record in Norway for the month of January has been struck twice, reports NRK.

First, 18.6 degrees were measured in Åndalsnes, which is located in Møre and Romsdal county. Shortly afterwards, it became even hotter in Sunndalsøra as it became a full 19 degrees - that is, on January 2.

The reactions to the warm January weather have been mixed. Many find it nice but disturbing.

Mixed reactions

- It is very good and warm and very special. At the same time, it is worrying about the changes in the weather and the climate, says politician Yvonne Wold, from the Socialist Left Party, who is chairman of Rauma municipality, to NRK.

The area experiences unusually warm weather in several places and there are a number of places where it is measured above 17 degrees. And the long-term forecast shows that the mild weather will last for a while in the area.

The new Norwegian heat record erased the old one at 17.9 degrees, measured in January in Tafjord in 1989.