• Australia: Voracious fires corner thousands of people on beaches

The forest fires in Australia on Wednesday caused three deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 16 in recent months, while military helicopters support the tasks of extinction and rescue.

"Today we have three dead," said New South Wales Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys at a press conference in Sydney, adding that a person is missing.

The fires have also destroyed dozens of homes and caused three wounded in this state located in the southeast of the country, which has been suffering from uncontrolled fires since last September.

Firefighters are fighting the flames and trying to contact the communities taking advantage of a decrease in temperatures before Saturday when 40 degrees of heat is expected.

Some 50,000 homes are without power on the south coast of New South Wales, the state most affected by the fires this season and where some 2,500 firefighters fight more than a hundred fires .

Victoria's head of government, Daniel Andrews, told reporters military aid, food, water and fuel have been sent to areas affected by fires in this state, mainly in the East Gippsland region.

Military helicopters and police and navy ships have been deployed to assist in the evacuation of thousands of people trapped on a beach in the town of Mallacoota, located in East Gippsland.

On Wednesday, two Black Hawk helicopters and another Taipan were sent to the disaster zone, while two Chinooks are expected to arrive on Friday. The devices will help firefighters in evacuations , as well as in the transport of food, fuel and medicines to remote communities or isolated by fires.

Fires in Australia, considered one of the worst in recent decades, have burned more than three million hectares since last September. This season, the fires began long before the southern summer, which begins in December and ends in March.

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