Recently, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment announced that it has stopped receiving paper transactions for seven services it provides to citizens, as of February 1, in the framework of the Dubai Paperless Strategy, stressing that it aims to improve the services provided to beneficiaries, and keep pace with government plans to delight customers and facilitate them. .

The Foundation stated on Twitter that citizens wishing to benefit from its services can submit their transactions through the “Iskan” application for seven services, which are a construction loan, a land grant, a certificate for whom it may concern, a ready-made housing loan, soft rent, a maintenance and addition loan , And home loan purchase from the local market.

The Foundation clarified that the digital transformation project aims to make a qualitative shift in the performance of the institution and provide its services to the beneficiaries by reviewing and redesigning all of its internal operations by employing modern digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analyzes. Analyze the huge housing data and the related tools and techniques to know and anticipate the future size and needs of customers for any of the institution's services, and thus define specific targets that can be built upon in making decisions about housing services and projects.

The Foundation pointed to the launch of seven new smart initiatives, namely, "the application of housing," "the application of the smart manager", and "the housing intelligence system", which provides consulting housing services, with the aim of speeding up procedures within the institution, and "the application of contractors' payments to engineers", and " The smart committee application », the“ smart designer application ”and the update of the“ housing ID application ”, and then it depends on the voice commands of the beneficiary, through which the service he wants can be started through the voice.

Traders can also inquire about the status of the request, and obtain a housing advisory service in the housing system, through artificial intelligence applications that have already been applied, and that aim to improve and accelerate housing procedures in the institution, and it is considered one of the expert systems that simulate the decision-making ability of the employee, and was designed In the form of rules and requirements, represented by a tree and decision-making schedule.

The Foundation added that relying on technology to provide services to customers, it works to reduce significantly the existence of waiting lists for housing services and contractors services provided by the Foundation, as the goal of data analysis is to create an information base that makes the plans of the Foundation preceded the needs of beneficiaries in years What is reflected in the provision of services in a way that delights customers, which is the goal that the Dubai government and the government of the Emirates seek to support for its citizens.

Sami Gargash, Executive Director of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, stated in press statements that the institution has provided housing services to about 20 thousand families since its inception, and these services include residential lands and housing, pointing out that more than 11 thousand dealers are still paying the monthly installments.

Seven paperless services

1- A construction loan.

2- Land grant.

3- A certificate to whom it may concern.

4- Ready housing loan.

5- Affordable rent.

6- Maintenance and addition loan.

7- Home loan purchase from the local market.

Smart initiatives

1- Housing application.

2- The smart manager application.

3- The housing intelligence system.

4- Applying contractors' payments to engineers.

5- The application of the smart committee.

6- The smart designer application.

7- Apply the housing ID.