"Tut" with Guinness World Records on December 29 10:19 with coffee


In Egypt, a mosaic of Tutankhamun, the king of ancient Egypt, was held with the shade of coffee and milk in a paper cup on the 28th, and it was recognized as a world record as the largest mosaic of a coffee cup ever. Was.

The event took place at the Great Egyptian Museum, which will open next year in Giza near Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

Painted is a "golden mask", one of the burials of the ancient Egyptian king Tutankhamun, whose staff mixed coffee and milk in various distributions and arranged cups of different colors one by one.

The work started at 1:00 am on the 28th, and at 2:00 pm after more than 12 hours had passed, with the participation of citizens and the final finishing.

The final used paper cups amounted to 7,260, and a mosaic of 10 meters long and 6 meters wide was completed.

Mosaic paintings were recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world's largest using a coffee cup.

Egypt's Deputy Archeological and Tourism Minister Sharabi said, "I hope that it will be a great opportunity for foreign tourists to come."

The Great Egyptian Museum will display many valuable cultural properties, including the burial of King Tutankhamun, and the building is almost complete and is expected to open in late 2020.