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Poor housing (illustration photo) © In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images

It has become a tradition on Christmas Day, for 10 years, the collective of DAL (Right to housing) organizes a rally to alert on the state of poor housing. This year, France has 3.1 million empty dwellings, a record according to INSEE.

" And the more we are going to continue like this, the more there are people who will die on the street!" Explains the DAL.

They are several dozen gathered in front of the Ministry of Housing. Thank you Poussaissi came with his three young children. They have been waiting for social housing for six years. For now, they are content with a fifteen square meter studio . “The toilets are small, the bathroom is small. Everything is small! Says one of Merci's children, who sleeps in the same room as his parents. It's difficult, because there is my bed, the children's beds. It's too small ! Says his mother.

Shama lives with her sixteen-year-old daughter in a hotel room in the suburbs. " It's small, she can't revise. If I am in the hallway, for example, she can't go down, she has to stay on the bed ”. Impossible for this mother and daughter to meet in the same room, they also find their situation unfair given the number of empty dwellings in France.

The number of vacant homes continues to climb

What revolts Jean-Baptiste Eyraud, founder of the DAL, is the number of vacant homes in France, up sharply: " There are 3.1 million vacant homes, a million more than there are 10 years. There are 100,000 more each year. We are in a catastrophic situation, we are sinking into the housing crisis ”.

Consequently, the DAL proposes that more social housing be built as of 2020. A request formulated every Christmas for 10 years now. " And what do we want?" Housing ! For who ? For us ! For when ? Right now ! Solidarity with the poorly housed! », Continues to proclaim the association Droit au logement.