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Eleven soldiers were killed in an ambush on the night of December 24-25 in Hallalé, Soum province. Meanwhile, a government delegation visited Arbinda after an attack that claimed the lives of 35 civilians and seven members of the armed forces.

It was a unit from the Namissiguia detachment that was the target of this new attack. The unit's mission, according to our sources, was to close off a passage used by armed groups. It was during this security mission that the soldiers fell into an ambush during the night of December 24 to 25 in the village of Hallalé, near the rural commune of Tongomayel. " We are on the offensive in this area, and one of our units has been attacked by armed terrorist groups ," said another source. A dozen soldiers lost their lives. In addition, five assailants were neutralized, according to our information.

This attack occurred a few hours after that which targeted the military detachment and the civilian populations of the commune of Arbinda , in the same province. A large government delegation made up of at least six ministers, including those of Defense and Territorial Administration, went on site to congratulate and encourage the security forces and the populations. Members of the government also asked the people to continue working with the security forces in the fight against terrorism.

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