"The current situation, in which dialogue between North Korea and the United States has been suspended, and tension on the Korean peninsula is growing, is not in the interests of either our countries or the DPRK," the South Korean president quoted his press service as saying.

Moon Jae-In noted the "important role" of the Chinese side in the efforts to denuclearize and in a peaceful settlement on the Korean Peninsula, announced the many results achieved this year and changes in relations between the countries, and also expressed hope for closer cooperation.

Earlier, DPRK leader Kim Jong-un attended a meeting of the central military committee of the Korean Labor Party and told the military about the "difficult internal and external situation."

On December 17, Moscow and Beijing called for the resumption of the six-party talks on North Korea with the participation of diplomats from Russia, the United States, China, North Korea, South Korea and Japan.

The relevant document explained that such measures are necessary to promote "a peaceful and comprehensive settlement through dialogue, reducing tension on the Korean Peninsula and beyond."