After the dry summer 2018, the number of spruce bark drills has increased in scope - which has major consequences. Firs that have been attacked by spruce bark drill, but also surrounding forests that are at risk for future attacks, must be felled.

- There will be a lot of open spaces, but we save almost all deciduous trees and pines. We focus on the fir trees that are attacked in the present, a lot of forest that has been attacked since before will remain or that we will overthrow it so that there will be fauna conservation in nature for other insects, says Stephan Gäfvert, nature reserve manager at Nynäs.

More mixed forest

In order to reduce the risk of large spruce bark drill attacks, a mixed forest with deciduous leaves needs to be replanted.

- We hope for more mixed forests and we will plant more deciduous trees. It will be a new nice landscape, I think.