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Algeria: after General Salah's death, the position of the army remains solid


General Saïd Chengriha, Chief of the Land Staff, will assume the duties of General Gaïd Salah, who was considered

By RFIPublished on 12/23/2019 Modified on 12/23/2019 at 9:51 p.m.

General Saïd Chengriha, Chief of the Land Staff, will assume the duties of General Gaïd Salah, who was considered the real strongman of the country.

" The army, and more particularly the army, is losing someone important, " said Algerian writer and journalist Ali Chibani. Gaïd Salah had placed his people at all political and military levels of the apparatus, he continues, before recalling that Gaïd Salah had succeeded in winning over other generals in the army. " Abdelaziz Bouteflika leaned on him ".

The death of General Gaïd Salah will undoubtedly not affect the central place occupied by the army in the Algerian political system. Despite its role, the military institution is not an orphan. The army is very organized and will appoint a successor to Gaïd Salah, "further explains Ali Chibani, who affirms that General Said Changriha, who has been appointed acting chief of staff, is likely to be confirmed in this post. The generals will meet behind closed doors.

Certainly, younger soldiers are pushing at the door. Said Changriha is 74 years old. One thing is certain, Tebboune has an interest in being on good terms with this successor. " Changriha would be opposed to the arrest of the great figures of the protest movement ", affirms Ali Chibani, who concludes: " a point which should bring Tebboune and General Changriha closer ".

This is a page in the history of Algeria that turns with the death of General Gaïd Salah, who was the real master of the country and who had proven his refusal to listen to the call of the Algerian people for a democratic transition .

Researcher Jean-Pierre Filiu on the death of General Gaïd Salah

2019-12-23 - By RFI

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