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In Burkina Faso, the gendarmes detain Kémi Seba, a Franco-Beninese activist and president of Pan-African Emergencies, in Ouagadougou. He had participated, Saturday, December 21, at the University of Ouagadougou 1, in a heated debate on the CFA franc.

During this debate on December 21 at Ouagadougou University 1 on the CFA franc, the Franco-Beninese activist Kémi Seba had treated Burkinabe President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré as a “ political sieve ”. Words unwelcome by young people close to the ruling party, the People's Movement for Progress (MPP).

For Hervé Ouattara, the head of the anti-CFA Front who had invited Kémi Seba to participate in the debate, his arrest marks the limits of freedom of expression in Burkina Faso.

" For us, it's an obstacle to freedom of expression," he says. We fought for this freedom. I think it was at the cost of blood that we acquired this freedom. President Kaboré is today the price of this struggle. So for us, to stop Kemi Seba because he just called President Kabore a "political sieve" is to go back. The attitude of the current regime is not to promote development, the expression of this freedom ”.

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